Golfzon's Two Vision simulator distributed by GreenTee Golf, combines advanced sensors and high-speed cameras for a realistic golf experience. It features immersive technologies like Swing Replay, enhancing both practice and play. Ideal for all skill levels, it offers vivid simulations and intuitive gameplay.
  • SENSOR - TwoVision Sensor
  • PLATE - Dual Plate with 5 distinct hitting surfaces
  • BALL SUPPLY - Auto Tee-up and Ball Retrieval System
  • GS SYSTEM - Touch Kiosk
  • CAMERA - Swing Replay Camera
  • SCREEN - Basic Screen
  • PROJECTOR - 6,000 Ansi Lumens Projector
  • Great for Residential and Commercial


Revolutionize your golf game with GreenTee Golfzon's TwoVision Sensor. Our advanced sensors, equipped with high-speed, high-definition cameras, capture every shot in extraordinary detail. Positioned for optimal data capture, they provide real-time ball flight and in-depth swing analysis. Integrated with our Dual Moving Swing Plate, the TwoVision system offers a realistic golf experience, right down to replicating the divot from your shot. Ideal for both enthusiasts and pros, it's a game-changer in golf simulation technology.


Dual Plate with 5 distinct hitting surfaces

Enhance your golfing experience with the Dual Moving Swing Plate, a standout feature of the TwoVision golf simulator by GreenTee Golfzon. This innovative component boasts two independently moving platforms, delivering an unprecedented level of realism to your game. The Swing Plate's versatility in simulating 24 different directional angles, with slopes of up to 15 degrees, authentically replicates challenging hill stances and awkward lies. It also offers five distinct surfaces, including two bunker types and two rough types, providing a remarkably true- to-life feel. This feature is designed to closely mimic real-world golfing conditions, ensuring that every shot is as realistic as possible.


Auto Tee-up and Ball Retrieval System

With Golfzon's auto-tee and ball retrieval system, convenience is at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the hassle of retrieving and re-teeing your ball after each shot. This beloved feature speeds up your game and spares you from back strain, enhancing your overall golf experience.


Touch Kiosk

Experience a new level of golfing fun with the updated TwoVision Software in GreenTee Golfzon's simulators. This latest software upgrade introduces more challenging, engaging, and strategic gameplay options. Players can now select from three game modes, each with unique features. The Normal mode replicates a real-course experience, while Semi-tour and Tour modes demand more strategic play, with increased penalties for rough and bunker shots. Tour mode ups the ante with four levels of penalties and eliminates grid assistance for green reading, offering a true test of skill. Beyond gameplay, the software includes club head impact video replays and a personal Course Manager feature, akin to a digital caddy, providing valuable insights for your next shot. This versatile system is designed to make your golfing experience more dynamic, enjoyable, and closer to the real thing than ever before


Virtual Caddy

Enhance your golfing strategy with the Virtual Caddy feature in GreenTee Golfzon's simulators. This innovative tool acts as your personal guide, offering an expert perspective on every shot. It displays crucial course information in a convenient guide at the bottom left of the screen, ensuring you have all the data you need to make informed decisions. The Virtual Caddy is designed to enrich your experience by providing insights similar to a professional caddy, making your game more strategic and enjoyable.


Swing Replay Camera

The Golfzon TwoVision Plus is equipped with high-speed camera sensors positioned on the ceiling and beside the tee. These cameras can capture an impressive 400 frames per second right at the moment of impact. This feature allows players to see their shots on the simulator screen instantly and receive immediate, precise feedback on the ball's flight path.